It seems crazy that after two years of doing things simply to apply to unviersity that I finally have a place. technically three palces one for conventy and anglia rsikin and the brighton but i rejected them so some other lovely lady gets the palce.

I actually feel really guilty for putting Anglia riskin second because I know that it means that someone who really wants to go to Anglia Ruskin could have it but grade permitting I will go to coventry and then someone else will get that place.

Grades! The last hurdel that I have to jump in order to get onto a midwifery course. I know in my mind that I have worked really hard and there is nothing that should stop me from getting my grades, but there is that nagging fear in the back of my head that I will have done all the interviews and all the other stuff that you have to do and then won’t be able to go in september because I didn’t get my grades.

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