So long….


Sorry, it has been so long since my last post, but it got really busy and every time I sat down to blog I had the overwhelming feeling that I had something else to be doing and unfortunately that something else generally won. A lot has happened in the month and a half that I have not posted, I have had three interviews and one rejection following those but other than being personally offended that they did not want me I am not too worried about that. I currently have one more interview and one that has not replied but I am assuming that if they were going to reject me that they would have done it by now so I am hopeful to have another.

I have actually given myself a break for three days over Christmas as I have quite a compulsive personality so could have quite easily spent the whole holiday working. This, in fact, has been great I have spent time with my family and also had time to put things into perspective which I can sometimes lose at a great cost to my own wellbeing.

I hope to be blogging more in the new year but I am struggling to find things to talk about at the moment as I am not yet a student midwife and don’t want to shove loads of random stuff onto this blog.

Thanks for reading



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