A-level choices

I have just realised that I had not put what A-level subjects that I had chosen on my blog anywhere, so this is it. At the moment there have been many changes to the A-level system and unfortunately, the year that I am in has been at the spearhead of these changes so we get to test all of the new systems for the first time. I have take Biology, Sociology and psychology for year 13 and took health and social care at AS-level in year twelve. The new A-levels mean that although I took AS-level exams at the end of year 12 they do not count towards my final grade meaning we have twice as much content as we would have had had I been a year older (moan over) however this does mean that there are endless possibilities to improve and smash the AS-level grades.

I chose subjects that I saw as being relevant and applicable to Midwifery as it has been what I wanted to do for a long time and there was never a second option for me. But this does not mean that this is what you should take I have known people with less academic A-levels get onto midwifery and nursing courses.

I realise now that taking three academic subjects may not have been the best idea for me due to my mild dyslexia, but I was not going to let that get in the way of having the best chance to get onto a midwifery course. Although the workload at the moment is killing me it is only for two more terms and then the school is finished and I can hopefully get on with becoming a midwife.

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